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Why would I want a pre-listing inspection in this market?

While pre-listing inspections aren't a common part of the home selling experience, there are a few reasons why having one may benefit your bottom line at the time of sale.

It's a  fact in the real estate business that a well maintained home not only sells faster but it helps to bring in the top dollar value of that particular home. While preparing to sell your home it can be difficult and sometimes confusing trying to decide what projects should be addressed before it lists on the market, even on a well maintained home. Let's face it, you want your dollar to stretch as far as it can while showcasing your home the best way possible.

One of the best ways to accomplish that is with a pre-listing home inspection. I treat all of my pre-listing inspections different from my home buyer's inspections in both reporting method and cost. I realized that a traditional home inspection didn't benefit the seller the way that it should. As a seller, your goal is to make the house safe by today's industry standards and to showcase how well the home operates.

By ordering a pre-lisingt inspection, you are taking steps toward showing your future buyer they are making the right decision in choosing your home. It gives them added peace of mind on the walk-through, making the selection of your home to them all the easier.

I have varying packages available for a pre-listing inspection and they come with the added bonus of a free 120 day warranty from the time of inspection. Call me today and we'll discuss which package will suite you and your home best.

Pre-Listing home inspection

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